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Your mom’s big, sweet, luscious, round, white ass was legendary in your hometown. Every guy wanted a piece of it. They wanted to pull its naked essence towards their hungry pelvis’s. Unfortunately for every guy, your brother was quick to shoot their attempts down either by threatening the man in question who he seen talking to your mom, or by telling your mom enough dirt about every guy that they’d all be so unappealing to her before they even had a chance.

Then he would dust off his rough hands and call it a day.

But now that you’ve moved out to the big city to go to school, you were the one calling the shots. Well… not exactly. Your roommate was the alpha male in your habitat, which is where you spent most of your time outside of school. He was a big, loud, obnoxious douchebag and womanizer. You couldn’t stand him, and the only reason why you didn’t look for another apartmen t was because you knew it would be hard for him to find another roommate and you didn’t want to make him mad.

He had no way to retaliate against you, you were a grown man and you had rights, but you couldn’t bare to live through the moment of him staring through you into your soul with his angry face and muscles cocked. So you stayed.

As hellish as it was you managed to find a way to make it all worth it when your mom came to visit you for a week.

It was the first time in her life that she’d be outside of your hometown for more than a day. And she was bringing her big soft, white, ass with her. But she wasn’t bringing your brother, the guardian angel who stood at the gates of her ass cheeks, making sure none could enter and soil it with their particular brand of masculinity.

So you took this opportunity, away from your brother and his controlling but well meaning ways, to tell your mom nothing but nice things about your roommate . Not only were these lies you were telling her making him sound great but thanks to your brother constantly being in her ear and telling her such horrible things about every guy she had met before, your roommate must have looked like a superhero saint.

And you made sure to give the two of them plenty of alone time. Instead of staying in and playing video games all day, you went out for once and drank in the dark corners of bars while your mom and your roommate, bathed in the mid-afternoon light, had plenty of time to get to know each other.

And know each other they did.


Your roommate had a great time with your mom, with nobody in sight to stop him.

Being out on your own and independent was great.

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You were raised to be very religious. Your mom was a widow who was given solace and peace through religion from a very liberal church near your house. When she finished school she was able to give back to the community by being the accountant for...

You were raised to be very religious. Your mom was a widow who was given solace and peace through religion from a very liberal church near your house. When she finished school she was able to give back to the community by being the accountant for that very same church, so from a young age, she did her very best to instill christian values into you so your soul wouldn’t be tarnished by the ways of the world.

And you were glad she did. You were a very shy, meek, and introverted person. Unfortunately, that made you a prime target for the bullies of the world. But you held on strong, knowing that god would reward you for your upright behavior. After all, Jesus did say “the meek will inherit the earth.”

He also said “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of god.” Your biggest enemy, the guy who bullied you both at school and at church, was no peacemaker. And he was definitel y no child of god.

So when he would entertain himself by calling you a “faggot” in front of a large group of your laughing peers or trip in you the school hallways, you never fought back. As Jesus said, “turn the other cheek.”

And when you’d overhear him saying things like “why do they even let these fucking niggers into our white church,” or “why couldn’t we be one of those fag-hating congregations? I fucking hate fags,” you didn’t tell other churchgoers, your pastor, or even your mom about it. they still all thought that he was a good guy. Your mom especially would have been shocked to see the horribly racist and hateful person he had grown up to be. She would have been even more horrified to see how he brutalized and shamed you.

So you didn’t feel the need to bother her with that, even if it meant you had to suffer his insults and violence. There was only one authority figur e you needed who would look at him and punish him for his behavior. And that was God.

On one Sunday service, you had the misfortune of having to sit down the aisle from your bully. You would occasionally look over to see him aiming the middle finger at you subtly and making faces. If he thought he could get away with doing that to you in God’s house, he was wrong.

The collection plate was being passed around until it landed in your lap. You took out the wad of money you had carefully folded and placed into your pocket this morning. that was all the money you had earned from cutting grass this summer, minus a few dollars here and there for lunch. You placed it in the collection plate proudly, happy to support your church, and in turn, support God, and you passed the plate over to your left.

When the plate had made its way to the row in front of you, you were shocked to see it and see that it had nowhere near enough money on it. And you weren’t jus t making a moral judgement with that assessment. There was literally less money on the plate then when it was sitting on your lap. All the money you had put on the plate had all but evaporated. And nobody seemed to notice.

And then the silence of the church was shattered by a coin dropping. You looked over to your left to identify the source of the sound. You turned to see your bully, with his face red, ducking underneath the pew in front of him to grab the quarter he had dropped. As he did, you saw big green wads of cash jutting out of his pocket, some of it, folded the way you folded your money this morning.

Nobody seemed to notice except you. You watched as he sat back up in his pew and placed the coin in his pocket greedily like Judas with his thirty pieces of silver. So, that’s why your mom had noticed that the church had been low on money. It wasn’t because new members weren’t donating. It was because your bully was nicking the money every week to buy video games and clothes to impress girls with.

For a second you were disgusted. You were furious that not only the money you had worked so hard for wasn’t going to maintaining and expanding god’s house, but the money of so many other good people was being stolen and misspent on things that had nothing to do with god.

But then something happened causing your whole demeanor to change. You even began to smile inside and then started to smile on the outside. You were thinking of talking to the pastor after mass, or even going straight to your mom and telling her what you had seen, but something had caught your attention.

It was the pastor. He was reading a verse from Jeremiah. It read :

“Has this house, which is called by My name, become a den of robbers in your sight? Behold, I, even I, have seen it,” declares the LORD.

And you took a deep breath and sat back and exhaled calmly. You were already afraid of the consequences of telling on your bully. You knew it would only end up worse for you if his parents had found out what he was doing because of you. So to know that God had seen his theft and had taken note of it made you feel so much more at ease. That’s why you loved God. He had given you a sign with the good book to show you that he saw what you seen and he was taking care of it.

There was no need to bring your mom into this and worry her. God saw all things. Your bully would face repercussion for everything he’s done to you and to others. God would see to it. You just had to be patient. Good things come to those who wait.


A week later your mom had sucked his cock in her office.

“Her mouth felt so good spitting and slobbering and breath on my cock,” he bragged in front of a group of your excited peers. He had you backed against the wall with his elbow so you had to listen, red-faced and humiliated as he did.

You had thought he was just being cruel and shocking when he said that seconds before, but when he brought up the birth mark on the underside of her right breast, you went silent, then white, then began blushing uncontrollably as you knew that he was telling the truth this time.

All your peers had seen you blush as well and began laughing and high fiving at the knowledge that your mom had really sucked their friends raging prick.

You walked home ashamed of yourself tha t day. You kept your head down as you passed people, some of them snickering, hoping they hadn’t heard the news yet. When you got inside the house, your mom greeted you and kissed you on the cheek like she usually did.

When you got to your room, you removed your pants and underwear, exposing your raging hard cock to the sunlight that came in through the window. You looked up at the portrait of Jesus that you had on your wall.  Then you looked down at your hard cock. You began smiling.

You lived your whole life with righteousness and obedience to god. You did this proudly, while all the kids in your age group sneered and laughed at you for doing so. you always wondered when your reward would come for braving the harsh weather that comes from living in the lord’s light. the reward you’d get for doing this while so many around you had abandoned his teachings and tried to ruin his world.

and as you lay in ecstasy, tugging on your ragi ng hard cock, imagining the mouth your mom had just kissed you with - the same mouth she used to take communion -  slobbering all over your bully’s throbbing hard dick while he looked down at her, thrusted his hips into her face, and grinned, you had realized that you were enjoying that reward now. And boy was it great.

God really does work in mysterious ways.

You had just seen the seminar of a lifetime. It was organized by the web of online Pick-Up Artist websites and it had some of the biggest PUA (pick-up artists) of the country in attendance, many of whom were speaking at the event. You were familiar...

You had just seen the seminar of a lifetime. It was organized by the web of online Pick-Up Artist websites and it had some of the biggest PUA (pick-up artists) of the country in attendance, many of whom were speaking at the event. You were familiar with pick-up artist literature from the internet, but this, this was something else.

You and your best friend had just graduated high school and decided to come here for summer vacation. You had never been around so many guys in their 20′s, all of whom were looking to polish up on their “game” as people in the community called it.

Having better “game” meant being skilled at being able to get women’s attention, intrigue them, and ultimately get them to let you fuck them. Man, you and your friend were so glad you convinced your moms to bring you out here. You just told them that you wanted to see Florida. They were eager to take you anywhere aft er you both graduated with honor roll. How could they not do what their hard-working young men wanted? You were the two highest achievers in your graduating class. Your moms were both so proud of the two of you.

So Florida it was.

Little did they know that the hotel/casino/resort that they had booked for everyone was filled to the brim with PUA’s excited to witness and participate in the convention. All trying to improve their ability to get their dick wet in a woman’s body, cum on her body, and never call her again.

These guys were the real deal, unlike the douchebag wannabe alpha males you and your friend had just escaped from in high school. I mean, sure, your old high school bully as an example, had fucked 2 girls before graduating, which was 2 more than you’ve ever fucked, but those 2 just came about by happenstance. Guys like the guys you saw here made fucking happen for them. It was their craft. It was their art. They used the b ack’s of unsuspecting females as canvas to paint masterpieces in white, sticky cum.

Game was the key they used to turn gears in woman’s heads that made them get naked. And the next thing you knew, they had their cocks balls deep into their sweet pussies. Millions of women had fell prey to these tricks already. And these guys could prove it.

Each one who came had “hello my name is ______” stickers on, but instead of their own names, they put names of girls, first and last, that they had fucked or been blown by. Needless to say, many of the guys there, especially the pros, had so many of these stickers on their person that they were forced to put some on their pants, shoes, hats, and even their faces.

At least a quarter of the stickers you saw at the convention were written in blue sharpie rather than black. That meant that that specific girl had been in a serious relationship at the time of giving themselves up to the PUA in quest ion. As if you needed another reason to look up to and idolize these guys. too bad there was no visual indicator to tell how many of the women they’ve defiled had kids. Sons specifically.

You spent the next few days at the resort, discussing with your friend all the new things about Pick-Up Artistry that you had learned as you passed by guys in the hallway. Guys who had 10-30 pretty given names, followed by proud family names, plastered all over their bodies like they were nascar drivers.

Names as diverse as “Marcella Buttocelli,” “Samantha Xhu,” “Diane Carpenter,” “Terra Ullman,“ “Kali Gulati,” “Athena Petropoulous,” “Ivanka Valakovsky,” “Mara Kinochiwa,” “Aliyah Shalib,”  “Gloria Rodriguez,” “Willow Blanchfield,” “Justine Bardout,” “Naomi Roth,” “Lulu Bigpaw,” “ Zahara Yekta,” “Alena Mikulec,” “Shaniqua White,” “Samantha Washington,” and “Fran Rommell.” The list went on and on. Some of these men looked like suitcases that had gone around the world.

You guys felt naked with your one name tag that said “hello, my name is my handMy hand is what the guy at the check in counter told you to write if you were a virgin. When your moms had asked what that meant you told them it was a reference to some anime you and you friend both watched. You definitely didn’t want them knowing it was a reference to your respective hands. The hands you and him fucked every night before you went to bed.

Luckily, they bough your lie so you could get passed it, because today you were going to the beach. You knew that today was going to be a good day because you had passed by the writer of the blog Bitches Aint Shit: The Adventures of my Dick. He was one of the legends, with over 50 names/vaginas to his resume. He would always be immortalized for discovering the “Wop Formula,” which was the tried-and-true method for impressing traditional Italian women.

“He’s in my top 5,” your friend exclaimed, quietly, so your moms wouldn’t hear him as the two of you followed a few feet behind them, “could you imagine if he was the one to do it?” he asked you excitedly.

You moaned a little, “yeah, that would be great.” You liked that thought a lot. But you also had another thought, “Yeah, he’s in my top 3, definitely. But do you think maybe it would be better if an up-and-comer or two were the ones who did it?”

“Well…. no. But i know that beggars can’t be choosers. I’d be happy with anything we could get. The competition out here will be stiff.”

And as you rounded the corner and lay your eyes on the beach wit h 1000 faces on it, you were looking at a living example of just how stiff the competition out there was. There were hundreds of gorgeous half-naked women on the beach soaking up sun. whether locals or tourists there for vacation. they were being swarmed by pick up artists, left and right. as you passed by these men, leaning in toward their prey, you heard technique after technique being flung out, from tried-and-true classics, to new experimental techniques, to out-of-date works that had been improved upon weeks, months, or years prior.

As your mom’s walked off ahead of the two of you, your friend turned to you and said, “damnit, there are much more girls here than there are guys, and  some of these idiots are clearly amateurs! I have a bad feeling about this..”

You knew the exact feeling he was talking about. You waited your whole lives for something likes this. You’ve wanted it since the two of you hit puberty That was the moment you cro ssed the iron curtain and you stopped talking about legos and pokemon and began your quest for what you’d hoped would come to fruition on this trip.

Regardless, you were always the more level headed of the two of you, and you continued to play that role by saying, “Look up there at our moms. Most of the guys at school wanted them more than any of the girls we went to school with, right?”

“well, yeah. but i mean, this isn’t high school. Some of these girls are clear 10′s. And some of these guys are clearly noobs. This is gonna be like the time my brother’s friend tried to hit on my mom all over again: just a big disappointment. All the professionals are going to go after the 20 years olds. Our moms are the leftovers for guys who had already failed once because they’ve only read a beginner’s guide and thought that that’s all they needed to score. they’ll strike out again with our moms, and they’ll be fucking their own hands all night. And we won’t be able to fuck ours because our mom’s will be sleeping in our hotel rooms instead of there’s.”

You felt a split second of terrible hopelessness cut you like a knife. But as you looked up at your mom’s big ass, shimmering and twinkling in the sunlight light like a mirage, you felt like something divine had touched you. Like something outside of yourself told you it would all be okay.

You interrupted your friend’s defeatist diatribe by saying “no…. man, look up there. Look out how hot they are. Look at their mouthwatering asses, man. can you honestly believe that we were born from those two women, and we were raised by them and loved by them, and now we’re here, with the most skilled pick-up-artists in the world all in one place, and we’re going to be let down just like that? Even if there were no milf-specialists out here, which isn’t even possible, there’d still be top tier guys who would chase our moms as seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths, whatever…” you leaned in closer and spoke softer so no one could hear you, “if you think we’re going home this vacation without our mom’s ever being naked in a strange man’s hotel room, you’re just fooling yourself.

“just look at them. our moms. look at how perfect they are. They were built to be pleasing to male eyes. If you think god made them, then made people bright enough to perfect game, then put everything in motion for this convention to take place, and he made each individual grain of sand at this beach, and made the water and the blue sky, and he made us and made us so we’d want this - could you really be so foolish as to think there isn’t something bigger than us that wants this to happen? Something bigger than us, something bigger than the game, bigger than my mom’s ass or yours, bigger than the comb ined name on every name tag on every person here. These are just tools, chess pieces, dominoes set into place, waiting to be tipped over for something bigger.”

You awaited your friend’s answer as you looked out at your moms, both standing pristine, but solitary, in the hot Florida sun. Instead of an answer, you got a sniffle sound. You looked up, surprised to see him crying. Crying tears of…. joy. “I believe you man. I’ve felt that too. it’s going to happen. I love you man.” You wanted to give him a hug, but you didn’t want to draw attention towards yourself. Especially from your moms. So you patted him on the back.

You were glad he seemed to believe you, because you were having doubts.


Nothing much had happened in the 2 hours the four of you spent at the beach. You and your friend were tired, and very disappointed. He heade d back to the hotel room. Your mom’s went to go to the ice machine with your room bucket. You just stood off to the side of the elevators, pretending to mind your business, as you counted 43 names on the shirt of a man hitting on a 21 year old.

“What do all those names mean?” the girl asked, quizzically.

“Oh, there the names of all the female poets i’ve read. I came here for the female poetry convention.” He stood there and grinned as he admired how quickly he came up with that lie. Well, you don’t get 43 names on your sports jacket by being caught off-guard. the girl he was with just smiled at him. He’d have a 44th name on his jacket before the night was over.

You walked off to head back to your hotel room, but you stopped suddenly, and stared at the end of the hallway, before backing up and hiding. You peeked around again to make sure you actually saw what you thought you had saw.

And you had. You saw 2 young me n, both in their late 20′s or early 30′s, standing over your bikini-clad moms, who were both smiling and looking up at them pleasantly. your mom had the bucket of ice by it’s handle. She held it slightly away from her so the cold metal wouldn’t touch her naked thigh. with her other hand she pointed at the name tags on one of their shirts.

Whatever lie they came up with for the name tags, it seemed to have worked, because your moms looked like they were continuing to have a fun conversation. You recognized some of the techniques they were using, even though you couldn’t hear what it was they were saying. But just like their sizable amount of name tags implied, they were far from amateurs.

You ran back to your room and began frantically knocking on the washroom door, “man! are you in there?”

“yes. leave me alone.”

“Dude, if you’re jacking off in there, i think you might want to wait until it h appens.”

“It’s not going to happen. It’s not fair. We wasted our time coming out here. I told you we should have went to California ins-”

“It’s happening right now, idiot.”

There was a silence on the other side of the door. the bolt clicked, and the door shot open. Your friend had opened it with one hand, as he held his swimming trunks at around his knees with the other.

You dove into the washroom and he shut the door behind you. He leaned up against it with his bare cock extending out towards you. He began pulling on it. You warned him “man, stop it! wait for the grand slam.”

“I’m not doing anything, i’m just playing with it.”

“I’ve heard you say that so many times before. And look how that worked out for you.”

His arms shot to his sides and he poked his hips out away as if trying to keep his cock as far away from his idle hands as possible, “You’re right. You’re right. I’m just…. ohhh this is good. How did they look?”

“tall, good looking.”

“I meant, what are our chances?”

“One had 15 to 20 name tags. And the other had 20 to 30. I couldn’t hear them, but i could tell they were both very up to date with techniques.”

“uuugghghhhh, this is so good.” He began humping the air.

His cock was red and twitching. So you began blowing cool air at it and his balls, which he really enjoyed. “Calm down there, sailor. Pull your trunks back up and save that for later. Those guys were minor-league heavy hitters, and even from far away, i could tell they were using milf-techniques. They were smart enough to not ask for numbers just yet. They’re going for the long-term. Maybe hoping to see them again a few times in the next couple days and landing them then.”

You grabbed the waistband of his trunks and pulls them up over his aching balls and cock. “So our cocks are on night watch duty for the next couple days. When the moment comes, then you can pull it out and do what you will with it.”

as you patted the top of his waistband to wish it good luck with staying on his hips, you heard sniffling sounds from up above you. You looked up to see your best friend since as long as you can remember crying again. It wasn’t the first time you’ve seen him cry. He used to do it every time after you and him would get picked on by the jocks back at school.“It’s really going to happen? I waited so long for this. I’m so… i’m so happy,” he choked through the tears.

“I know man. I am too.”

Suddenly, just outside the bathroom door, you could hear the hotel room door open. You and your friend freezed and instinctively pressed yourself against the locked bathroom door. the room door closes outs ide and your moms step into the room. You can hear them but you can’t see them.

“well, those guys seemed nice.” said your friend’s mom. Your friends cock twitched visibly through his swim trunks.

Your mom answered, “yeah……”

You cringed at the lack of interest in that response. It was an indescribably dark feeling. Especially after being so excited just a second ago. Your friend could see the disappointment on your face.

Then his mom said “…..why are you blushing?” your heart stopped.

“ha ha ha. I’m not blushing.”

“you are!”

“no i’m not!”

“I seen the way you looked at that one.”

the room was silent for a moment. You held your breath, as did your friend.

“…….well, he was cute” your mom explained, suddenly. You started shaking, uncontrollably , “…….right?”

Your friend waited with anticipation for his mom to respond. “…..no!”


This couldn’t be it. You couldn’t have come this far, and gotten this close - so, so, so close - for it all to end here.

“He was beautiful!” Your friend’s cock twitched again violently. The look on his face was of ecstasy and need. The look on his face was glorious when his mom continued “Let’s go back there.”

“but… our boys…” as if to say, “we shouldn’t do it because our sons are here.”. You and your friend violently, but silently shook your heads no. Oh, if only she knew…

“they’ll never find out.” The two of you shook your heads up and down.

“i don’t know…..” You shook your heads left to right.

“He wants you badly you know .” 

“….really!? ….I don’t think so…”

“I think he has a crush. I can’t go without you. I think it would break his young heart. I’d hate to see a 6 foot 2, tall, dark, and handsome, confident, and funny guy like him cry.” She was dong his work for him.

Your mom said nothing.

Your friend’s mom continued “okay. I’m just going to grab you by the hand, like so, and we’ll just walk over to their room and knock on the door. And whatever happens happens. If it feels good and exciting and fun, it’s not your responsibility, right?”

and with that, you heard two sets of bare feet propel itself off hotel carpet until you heard the door creak open, and then close, with the footsteps continuing, muffled, down the hall. There was no way they had changed from their bathing suits in the time that they had been talking out there.

You and your friend had ta king yours off completely. as would your moms, just in a different room.


The next time you see these two guys in the hallway, they both have 2 new name tags on their person. These proud men passed you in the halls, smiling, unaware that they wore your last name on their puffed-out chests. Your mom’s pussy had been invaded by two of the tentacles from the mult-cocked monster that was thee Pick-Up community.

When you got back home, your real home in the real world, you noticed that your mom’s new-found happiness had faded a bit with time. she had been trying to call the cell phone number the PUA she had met on vacation gave her. She had been trying periodically for the past few weeks, but he wouldn’t answer when she did. she would call that number once ever two days, then once a week, then only 3 more times in the subsequent 2 months. She had experienced what people in the community referred to as “getting played.”

When your grandpa had walked her down the aisle on her and your father’s wedding day, he would never have figured there would be a day when a grinning stranger from a new era would be pushing on her fat, naked ass, as she kissed her female friend, and was fucked from underneath without a condom.

And that’s what “getting played” was. It was giving the most private part of yourself up to the cause of increasing a man’s numbers so he could show it off to other men who did the same. “getting played” was when a man milks all the joy he can out of your body. A body whose look is determined by the ge netics of your two parents. He (and his friend) enjoy the fruit of those two parents’ genetic contribution to your being without concerning himself with their direct blessing and by sidestepping the sophisticated defense mechanisms against guys like him in the brain you’ve inherited from your parents.

When your mom celebrated your 100% in biology, and biology scholarship you earned because of it, she had no idea that the person who shared 50% of her DNA was going to betray her like this. She still didn’t know and she would never know what you did. And she would never know how much fun you had thinking about this fetish, and the predicament that came about from fulfilling this fetish, through the lens of biology. Biology, the interest you had that she selflessly worked hard to encourage you to cultivate by taking you to museums and buying you documentaries on dvd.

She had no idea it would evolve into you being fascinated and pleased by that condom-les s cock going “ppsh ppsh ppsh” into her foolishly welcoming vagina. She had no idea that you’d privately celebrate his sperms from a totally different genetic lineage to yours swimming into her egg by masturbating to it every night. thank god for the morning after pill. She had no idea that your love for genetic diversity extended to diversity in the men that got to fuck her.

Most of all, she had no idea that the biggest contribution she made to your interest in biology wasn’t taking you to the zoo, or buying you picture books about it. No, it was what happened on that hot, sweaty day in Florida, naked, panting, and on all fours, for the pleasure of a man who saw her only as a hole.


You were absent from the next year’s convention, as you had no reason to be there. You had already gotten what you wanted last year and you were content and happy in college.

Two o f the guys who showed up again this year, two friends, had showed up together. One with 20-30 names to wear proudly on his shirt, the other with 35-45. A huge increase for both of them since last year. They both wore two names that they had gotten exactly one year ago, in the hotel room only a few floors down from their room this year. that was back before they became two of the bigger names in the community.

There were two other men who would have been of interest to you if you were there this year. One of them was in your top 3 and had 80 female names plastered all over his greek-statue of a body. He actually came from the same town you did and he took the same greyhound bus you would have taken to get there if you came. One of the names on his shirt almost buried in all the others, a name he had earned 5 months ago, was a name you’d find really familiar.

The other had only 3 names on his shirt and suffered from a mild form of retardation. He consta ntly scratched at his crotch like he had crabs. He claimed to have invented a new technique. He was able to woo women simply by slipping a drug called Blue Velvet into their drinks. He said he learned it from his “genius” brother who owned a surveillance shop. He was able to up his count to 4 when he drugged a girl at the hotel bar and guided her off before her boyfriend could make it there for their date.

As he straddled the face of the girl in question and fucked her mouth as her head lay against his room pillow, the sun light shined through the window, illuminating his lone shirt with its sweaty armpits, lying haphazardly over the back of a chair. The light seemed to sparkle, and twinkle with something in it that made it look like…. like it was more than just stupid light.

On that shirt there were three names. One of those names was made up of a very pretty first name. A female name that you were very familiar with.

And the last name? It was your last name. Both you and your mom inherited it from your father. Now it didn’t just belong to you and your mom. It belonged to the sweaty, impish man a few feet away, who is sitting on an unconscious woman’s face. a face that was shaped by the genetics of her two parents. A face that she’d give 50% of its genes to her kids with when she finally had some.

he was rubbing his asshole up and down on that very face while laughing. your family name was now that man’s badge of honor to wear. The light coming into the hotel room illuminated it brightly and proudly on his shirt. It was a sign, that name had found its rightful place.

You were far from excited to go to your prom tonight. It was an event celebrating your time going to a highschool you didn’t enjoy going to. A school you were happy to leave from and never see again. This may have had something to do with the fact that you were the least popular kid in that school. And in high school, where being part of a social group was your best defense against being bullied or picked on, having no friends like you did proved to be a horrible experience.

So not only was this prom one more extra day with these people you hated so much but there was an embarrassment on top of it that contributed to your pain. Well… 2 embarrassments. First one was obvious. You had no date for the prom. You were a virgin and really unpopular with the girls. The second embarrassment, and maybe the bigger of the two embarrassments, was your mom was the volunteer chaperon.

She would be watching over you and your “friends” along with the grade 12 gym teacher and the principle’s wife. Not only were you humiliated that your mom was going to be at the prom, reaffirming the very accurate perception that you were an uncool mama’s boy.

On top of that, you would have to live through the humiliation of your mom piecing together the fact that all those fun times with friends, and talking to girls, and being close to your teachers was something you had just made up so that she wouldn’t worry about you and your miserable time at school.

You were hoping she’d never have to find out, but the hour of truth is here. You were inside the still-lit gymnasium with your mom and the other chaperon’s helping them set up. Right away, as you took a second break from putting out chairs and table pieces, you looked over to see your gym teacher chatting up your mom. You want to say something, but not only are you piss-terrified of your gym teacher more t han you are any other faculty or student in a school that is already hostile to you, but you also made the mistake of telling your mom that he was your biggest adult role model. You told her that he said he thought you had a gift for playing football.

You had no idea what possessed you to tell her that it was him specifically you had a bond with. He managed to be the biggest self-centered, narcissistic, and moody asshole in a school full of teenagers. Maybe you were trying to overcompensate. Your brother had graduated a year earlier and he hated him just as much as you did. But he was at least willing to stand up to him. Once your brother left, he probably decided to take his hatred against him out on you. You were an easy enough target.

Well… anyways, the gym was filling up with your peers, and your stomach was filling up with butterflies. “stand strong, man. stand strong” you thought to yourself. You were thinking this so hard you began mouthing it , and when you realized you had been mouthing to yourself in the corner of the gym as it was filling up, and fast, you felt so embarrassed.

So embarrassed that you rushed to the washroom. You clanged the toilet stall behind you and tried to collect you thoughts. As you did, you became hopeless. Your mom was going to realized you were a loser, and your peers were going to realize that your mom never realized that you were a loser. And to top it all off, your gym teacher was going to try to make your mom feel better by pretending like he liked you all along. And you will be too afraid to tell her that he was the biggest douchebag to you of all because you were a pussy.

So you sat in the stall, stewing your own juices for a minute. A minute became 2. then 5. then 30. then an hour. then 2 hours. Until the washroom door swung open and hit the wall, startling you. You heard two male voices.

Each one said “dude” a lot, and they seemed to be excited that one of t he girl’s was crazy drunk and somebody was going to have sex with them. Wait a minute! they weren’t talking about one of the girls. They were talking about one of the volunteer supervisors.

They were talking about your mom! And the person who was going to get lucky was your gym teacher.

You just sat in the stall, shaking. You were terrified, humiliated and even a bit aroused. You knew that you were too cowardly to go out there and stop any of this from happening. And everyone was going to see the gym teacher escort your drunk mom out to the parking lot to get his dick wet.

When the two messengers left, you began crying, as you dropped your pants and pulled your hard cock out of your underwear. You began comforting yourself by tugging on your swollen prick, whimpering, and saying “yeahhh. fuck my mommy. suck that cock mom.”

What hurt most was how much it excited you. And as much as this moment hurt, you also knew that if you had the ability to turn back time and make it so none of this would have happened, you wouldn’t. Just because it hurt, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t the greatest thing to ever happen to you.

When your mom came into where you work to buy some clothes your boss began hitting on her. He told her that you’re his favorite employee, that he’ll be proud to give you a reference when you move on to bigger and better things, and that you bring her...

When your mom came into where you work to buy some clothes your boss began hitting on her. He told her that you’re his favorite employee, that he’ll be proud to give you a reference when you move on to bigger and better things, and that you bring her up all the time at work. None of those things were true.

He then asked her out for this Saturday. She accepted and she left the store with a smile. As soon as the front doors closed behind her, your boss whipped around and looked at you with a fury you’ve never seen before and said “If you say or do anything to ruin your mom’s perception of me i’m firing you from this job without severance! I’m going to fuck your mom, and if you don’t like it, you can go in the backroom and cry like you did on your first day! and this time, we won’t even try to not laugh at you when you do.”

All your coworkers had huge smiles plastere d to their gargoyle like faces as the boss commanded you to be okay with him trying to fuck your mom. “do you understand me, bitch!”

“y-y-yeah.” You eeked out. Your coworker cackled at your pathetic capitulation.

but guess what?

The joke was on them. Today was your last day at work. You didn’t tell anybody, not even your mom, but you had gotten a job at another company. A job fitting of the college degree you earned 2 years ago. that meant that you didn’t have to work at this terrible dead-end place in the seventh wrung of hell that threatened to warp your soul and decency, like it had to your hateful coworkers and sleazy boss.

You had only come today to tell your boss that you quit and so you could live the experience of slamming your uniform on the cold ground in front of his shocked face, before leaving the store for the last time, and walking into the sunset. Unfortunately, when you got there, you just stood wide-eyed in front of your boss with your uniform, name tag, and keys in your hands, unable to move. “What the fuck are you looking at, numb nuts? Get to fucking work!!”


So you shamefully went to the back to put on your shirt and name-tag and prepared for another grueling 8 hour shift. As you began putting your shirt on you said to yourself quietly “i’ll send an e-mail tomorrow. That’ll show that asshole. He he he h-”

“Hey, schizo! will you stop talking to yourself back there!? We got fuckin’ customers out here!! Stop fuckin’ jerking off!”

“coming!” You chirped out quickly. you continued your monologue, but now in thought, not speech, so he couldn’t hear you, “yeah. I’ll send him an e-mail telling him i quit. Who’s the bitch now? he he he.”

When your shift ended, you listened to him yell at you about everything you did wr ong like he did everyday. One of your coworker chimed in at you with his insightful two cents, “yeah, idiot!”

You took off your clothes and name-tag and packed them up. When you finally left the store, you left feeling like a million bucks. A million bucks that had been deflated and emasculated. As you waited at the bus stop, you were lost in thought. you thought to yourself, “5 fucking years of working for that scumbag and now it’s all done. And then i’ll quit, and he’ll be one guy short. And he won’t have time to train someone new. And it’ll be kind of an inconvenience, i guess. Yeah. yeah. It’s perfect!”

You began chuckling to yourself. The homeless black guy sitting next to you suddenly lowered his book down to his lap and said “Shut the fuck up, cracker!” and your laugh stopped as soon as it had started. “i’m tryna fucking read this Dostoyevsky, mother fucker!! goddamn. These stupid ass white boys.”


Your boss was at work an hour before the store opened. He was sitting on his office supply throne, in front of his dirty monitor, excited to jerk off looking at your mom’s facebook photos like he did every morning. This time it was special though, because his date with her was tonight.

As he began tugging his hard cock to the picture from years ago of her big ass in black, bent over your father’s closed casket, as she cried bitterly on top of it, he noticed that he had gotten an e-mail. “for fuck’s sakes! can’t a guy jerk off in peace?” He closed that picture, the picture of her eating a hot dog, the picture of her face covered in white frosting from when your brother pressed her head into his cake as a joke at his birthday, the picture of her at pottery class making a long, thin, pink cylindrical vase with two-spheres hanging off one side of its base, the picture of her playing leap frog with you at the park at the exact moment your brother’s toy rocket hit her in the bum, a picture of her sitting on the end of a French battering ram at a Renaissance fair, and a picture of her from when she was pregnant with you as she was backed against the Leaning Tower of Piza.

He clicked on his e-mail tab to see a new message from [email protected] The subject line read “Jokes on you you stupid piece of fuck head.” He shook his head at the mediocre attempt at being hurtful, “fuckin’ amateurs…” He clicked on the message. It read:

“Hey Dick!! That’s right, i’m talking to you. I’m not afraid of you any more. And i’m not coming into work today (or a few days ago if you read this e-mail late). I’ve had it with your shit. I’m getting a new job at a place that needs people with my degree. A degree is something you get from going to school. Just in case you don’t know. (you probably don’t cause you’re a fuck). well bitchdick, guess the shoes on the other foots. You can’t do nothing to me. I’m going to make twice the salary i made at your shit store. And i’m going to be respected. So you can just be a dumbface to the new employee you hire in a week. yesterday i talked to a homeless black guy at the bus stop, and he agreed with me that you sound like a jerk douche.”

Your now former boss stared at the screen blankly with his eyes wide and his mouth open.

“…….wait, who is this?”

Your message continued “P.S. Your date with my mom’s still on for tonight. Here’s a list of lies i told her about you for the past 5 years in preparation for this day. Just so you can be prepared:”

He began reading down the list of lies, “..Inherited lots of mone-….gives to charity…. everyone loves you…. girl customers always ask me about you…. your my idol…. i told her you have a big dick cause i saw it in the bathroom by acciden- good at basketball… mensa genius….. yada yada. ”

He looked at the blue screen in his dark office. He had a smirk on his face.

“These lies are shit!

“They’re no where good enough. I guess i’ll have to come up with some of my own tonight since dumbfuck totally slipped. No wonder i fired this guy.”


You were at y our job. Your NEW job. You were working unpaid overtime. It was 1 in the morning and you were laughing your ass off. You had phoned home and gotten no answer. So you just knew that your old boss, the one you had escaped from and gotten your revenge on, was likely now fucking your mom. Just like he eagerly said he wanted to one morning after coming in and excitedly explaining that he had creeped your facebook and found out how hot she was.

You were at work alone, as your new boss said that you should have to do all the work because you were new. So you used this opportunity to pull out your dick and start tugging on it. It had been a good day. You were excited for your future at this job.

when you got home, you were excited to see your boss’s car sitting in your driveway. You came inside to a silent house.so you slowly pushed your mom’s door open to see her naked and sleeping on top of your former boss’s smug body.

His cock was still in her puss y. You took out your phone and began taking pictures. You were going to send them to your old psychotherapist who told you that “no, getting your boss to fuck your mom is not a replacement for therapy.”

That’s 2 idiots you had proved wrong in the space of 1 day. You were on a roll.

When you got back to work on Monday your new boss wanted to know why the bv99 report pages were stuck together.

when you had no answer he asked “you didn’t get cum on them, did you?” You just stared blankly at him. “Uhhh. You did, didn’t you?”


Surprisingly, telling him that it happened only because you had been jerking off didn’t seem to make it any better in his eyes. And even after you explained that you were jerking off because your mom was being fucked by a guy you hated he still fired you. And you showed him the pictures and everything.

So now here you were. Ou t of a job. Out of a psychotherapist. Out of tissue paper and socks. And you were sitting home alone. Your therapist would have probably said that you should call your new employer, apologize to him for shooting wads of cum on those bv99 reports, and promise to never do it again. She’d always give you stupid advice like that. Besides, you couldn’t call him now. He was out on a date with your mom.

You sat alone on the couch, tugging your pud anxiously to the thought of your mom’s ass being ravaged. You were nearing orgasm. But what to cum in? If only you had some bv99 reports. You looked around your living room for something. You looked at Fluffy, your white cat. He hissed at you and ran off. You saw your old boss’s underwear, still lying there, peaking out from underneath the couch. No, you can’t cum on that, it would be gay.

Then what then? what? you looked around frantically for anything you could bust a nut on. And that’s when you saw it. Eureka.

It was sitting up on the wall. Framed and everything. Your college degree

On the surface, everything was amazing. You were on a million dollar yacht with your brother and your mom enjoying the sun, the waves, and the breath-taking scenery. The yacht was owned by your brother’s boss. If you didn’t know any better, you’d...

On the surface, everything was amazing. You were on a million dollar yacht with your brother and your mom enjoying the sun, the waves, and the breath-taking scenery. The yacht was owned by your brother’s boss. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you found paradise.

Unfortunately, your brother had pulled you aside earlier in the day and pulled the rug out from under you when he informed you that his boss was millions of dollars in debt and his company was going under. This would usually be bad for your brother, and you were concerned for him, because  you thought he’d be out of a job. But he had already taken precautions against that. For the past few months, he had been talking to one of his boss’s competitors, totally behind his boss’s back, and he would be getting a gig with them when everything fell apart with his boss. He told you not to tell mom because she would worry.

Your brother didn’t feel at all sorry for what was happening to his employer. The guy had been a complete dickhead to him for the past 5 years he slaved away working for him. In fact, this was the first time your brother had been invited onto the yacht, and only because his boss was trying to impress your mom with it. On board, he’d been popping bottles with her and doing his best to try to make her ‘feel’ his wealth. It was really sleazy.

When you got back to your brother’s boss’s 6 million dollar house, your brother left the house with the excuse that he had a date. That was half-true. He had a date, but it was with his new employer, who would acquaint him with some of his new responsibilities.

When your brother left, his boss immediately broke out the champagne to “celebrate your son’s happy love life!” What mother wouldn’t drink to that? Your brother’s boss was quick to refill her glass the second she took a sip from it. As he would yours. He kept talking about countries he had been to. And he’d look at his one-hundred-thousand dollar watch periodically to say “will you look at that time.”

When he started guiding your mom with him to the pool, as she stumbled and wobbled with him, you decided that you were going to leave him alone with her.

You watched from the window as your brother’s boss undressed and got into a pool with your mom that was about to be property of his bank in a few day . The yacht, the watch, the house, his future business plans. All fake. And because he treated people like crap, even his most loyal assistant was at dinner with his competitor, toasting to his downfall.

and while that was happening, he was arching his back out and presenting his cock vulgarly as he began eagerly guiding your mom’s head over his erect and ready penis, until her mouth opened up and took it inside her. You watch ed as it pressed against her inner cheek. It was an extreme example illustrating exactly why your brother should be happy at his boss’s downfall.

The guy was trying to impress his mom in front of him, earlier in the day, and now he was fucking her with you still in the house.

And you were letting him. Why?

Maybe it was because you empathized with his goal. He only had so long left before he’d have nothing. And he wanted to do one last complete, careless, rich douchebag move by fucking his top assistant’s mom.

Maybe you were letting him do it because he reminded you of all the douchebags who used to pick on you back home who desperately wanted to get into your mom’s pants, but couldn’t because she was way out of their league. And now that one of those douchebags had a chance, you felt like it was wrong to step in.


Also, it was just so harmless and fun. You watched as his cock finally went into your mom’s pussy, and you got excited as he picked up his pace fucking her. He was really relishing it. It was such a simple motion, yet so infinitely pleasurable and golden. And to get there after only knowing your mom for a day, he had to show off every thing he’s accumulated over a lifetime of breakneck business transactions and douse her head to toe in champagne to loosen her up enough to let him fuck her like this. It would tear your brother to pieces inside to see this. And your mom would probably regret it. But he would enjoy it.

What do you mean “would.” He was enjoying it. It was a reality. One that was happening a nd couldn’t be unhappened.

The last reason why you didn’t step in to stop what some would consider a tragedy, was because you wanted it. You’ve wanted it the second you stepped off your plane and met you brother’s boss. and you relished every step closer towards it becoming a reality. And now that it was, you relished that reality.

The car, house, yacht, watch, expensive clothes, and champagne may have not been real. But this was. this was the most genuine thing that had happened to you your entire life. You were celebrating by massaging your cock with your right hand inside the house. It would be the bank’s house soon. they were going to wonder about the champagne splash of cum left all over the living room window facing the pool.

You were at your mom’s office Christmas party. And this was the first time you were meeting Gerald. you’ve heard so much about him because your mom brought him up a lot in conversations at home. She liked to pretend like she was just good friends...

You were at your mom’s office Christmas party. And this was the first time you were meeting Gerald. you’ve heard so much about him because your mom brought him up a lot in conversations at home. She liked to pretend like she was just good friends with him, but you could tell she had a crush. Big time.

Gerald seemed like a nice guy. Kind of quirky and awkward, but also really smart and sweet. He blushed every time he looked at your mom. And you could tell that the only reason why they hadn’t started dating yet is because he’s too nervous to pull the trigger.

That was the nice end of the spectrum.

Now for the ugly end.

You met the other coworker your mom brought up more than any other, other than Gerald of course.


Steve was a constant annoyance to your mom, as he was always coming to work late and shirking responsibility. The only reason he wasn’t fir ed was because he was related to the branch manager. He was a self-centered dick, but he also was a bit of a ladies man and was known to sleep with girls in the office and never call them again.

As the night went on, and the drinks were poured, you watched as Gerald awkwardly discussed life with your mom, and it made you fuzzy seeing how much she enjoyed talking to him. They were really cute together and had so many of the same personality traits.

at the same time, you were watching Steve get drunker and more loud and lively. He was as obnoxious and unlikable as your mom made him out to be. You’d catch him from time to time looking over at your mom’s ass and nudging other guys to get their attention. That’s when something occurred to you. There were some cute girls in the office, that was for sure, but what you had only realized now was that your mom was far and above the best looking female employee there, and likely the one all the guys imagined themselves getting with.

So it made you sick to see your mom being objectified by Steve right in the open. Especially since she already had such a distaste for him. It was like  your mom’s worth as a colleague was being narrowed down to her big ass, even though she did more for the company than Steve could ever do. I mean, her ass was great. You’d see it naked whenever you and her went camping together and were forced to change in the same tent together when it was raining.

But even then, as you turned over to see your mom on her knees looking through her bag for underwear as the rain pitter-pattered on the tent, you saw her as a human being first. Although, you did wonder how much Gerald would love to be there with your mom when she was nude as the day she was born.

the alcohol seemed to be dragging Gerald kicking and screaming out of his shell, as his conversation with your mom was becoming more classically flirty and even kind of deep. Your mom was also getting really drunk and was touching Gerald’s wrist and forearm a lot.

that was until Steve swooped in and asked your mom for a dance, which she reluctantly agreed to. Gerald stood aside awkwardly as your mom danced with Steve, first without much interest, then she got into it a little bit, until finally she was laughing at this jokes and looking like she was tolerating him grabbing her around the waist. 15 minutes later though, she found her way back to Gerald, where she seemed the most comfortable being. He was overjoyed that she was back. Though he tried to downplay it.

As the night wore on, the bottles began to empty, until everybody was drunk. You had trouble keeping track of who was where and which direction time was moving in. One thing that you kept noticing though, was your mom looked like she was drinking heavily, almost as if she was trying to get drunk and build up the courage for something.

Every time she’d down a whole beer in record time, she’d go back to Gerald and look like she wanted to ask him something. Or even more, ask him to do something.

Your mom ended up biting off more than she could chew though, because she had gotten so drunk you were convinced she wouldn’t remember any of this in the morning.

Then for a while, you remember only seeing Gerald, standing, looking around for something. That’s when you noticed it too. Your mom wasn’t there.

Neither was Steve!

are they!? no!

you frantically rushed through the office. table after table had strange faces of people you didn’t recognize. And each time you saw another face that wasn’t your mom sitting down talking to a friend, or Steve hitting on another one of his female coworkers or making jokes about one of his coworker’s mom, you felt your throat get tighter.

Outside! you ran towards the front door. The two doors got bigger and bigger as you got closer. once your hand hit the door you pushed it open. You thought about kicking it like one of those action movies, but you pussied out the last second.

And your heart could stop palpitating because there they were. the two of them standing outside, smoking and arguing about something. Steve had his arm around your mom’s waist.

“come on! come home with me.” He leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. Your stomach dropped. He was drunk, but nowhere near as drunk as she was.

“yuuuuu dant look like my Geraldine bear nun. Go hoome wif u!? pppffftt!” She threw her cigarette to the ground and turned around to walk back inside.

and that’s when he did it. He winded up! spun his arms around, and landed it <smack> dab on your mom’s big office ass. He held on to her right cheek with his palm as she tried to walk off “Listen. I’ve been- i’ ve been keeping my eye on you for years. This meaty piece of ass here. This. this is mine. Okay? this is coming home with me. I decided before i even got here.”

“lemme go! i nee a go back in and drink and c Gerall.”

Suddenly Steve pulled your mom close to him and began grinding up against her and kissing her. “oh. yeeeaaahhh. I love you babe. Give me this ass. I’ve never seen you drunk like this. Come on.” You couldn’t quite explain it. But watching this was doing something for you that made you feel both so nervous as fascinated at the same time.

All your knowledge of who Steve was as a person, how much your mom disliked him, how many girls he had been with, how he objectifies them, and how he was treating your mom now all stirred together to make one hell of a stew. Combine that with the knowledge that your mom was the female to be with in her office and you were trembling.

a cab had pulled up, probably called by one of your mom’s coworkers for his or herself. He looked at your mom and Steve, wondering if they were his fare. You stood there for what felt like an eternity. Something rose up in you right then and there. Something heroic.

And without thinking too much about consequences you came up behind your mom and her assailant and slowly urged them into the cab. You looked at the driver and said, “take them wherever he wants to go.” you were pointing at Steve.

The cab peeled off, and you watched as it got smaller and smaller in the distance before disappearing, leaving you all alone outside the office your mom went to work at five days a week.

You just stood there and thought to yourself “I did it. I can’t stop it from happening. It’s done.” You didn’t know hot to feel.

You then headed back inside to the jubilee and the sounds of “Jingle Bells Rock.” You walked like a ghost through the cro wd of happy drunk people until you saw Gerald standing in the corner. at first you felt horrible for him. Luckily it didn’t last too long as you thought about the predicament he was in.

He was waiting for the woman he probably loved at this point, while she was going home with the biggest cock in the office to be fucked by him, like he had done to so many other girls. Gerald had thought of her as different than those girls though. And she was. Which is why you were glad you gave Steve a hand back there.

He was rude, he was lazy, he was disrespectful, and you had just helped him finish his collection. He’d come back to this office and tell everybody on Monday. Which was good, you didn’t want these people to think your mom was above being fucked by him. especially Gerald.



As Gerald lie alone, drunk and awake that night, the woman he thought of as being special and untouchable had Steve balls deep inside her. Gerald would be dreading the possibility that it were true. At the same time, you were lying awake, playing with your hard cock, happy that you had brought your mom down a peg. She had complained so much about Steve and his aggressive and shifty ways that it had kind of made you nervous to know that your mom went to work very day with this man.

So the fact that she was probably now being fucked by him was actually really liberating and freeing. It was something you didn’t have to worry about happening now that it was.

And after meeting Steve and seeing how much he got under your skin, you were glad the possibility of him fucking your mom wa s now coming true so you could get it over with.


And y’know what? life was too short for you to not admit to yourself that you were enjoying the hell out of what had happened tonight. Your mom was better looking and more of an individual than all the other girls at her office, and lord knows her ass was 1/10,000, but she was brought down just like the rest of them.

You loved her more than anybody or anything. Which is why you felt so good narrowing her down to another good night for Steve. You were ecstatic that Gerald saw her as so much more than that. but you needed her to be that first. You hated Steve too much to not giv e him that gorgeous once in a lifetime ass. Especially since he’ll tell everybody about what it was like fucking it.


The word did get around on Monday, which was unsurprising, and everyone in the office knew. including Gerald. Your mom had no recollection of making the decision to go home with Steve. All she remembered was waking up naked on top of him, with his cock still inside her. That made it impossible to deny it happened. She just assumed that when he had asked her to come home with him last night, she must have been so drunk and eager to say yes that she left her own son at the party.


If she had any thought or reasonable doubt to see she was taking advantage of, it was immediately invalidated when Steve woke up underneath her in the morning and managed to pressure her into giving him seconds. Because she was already naked, on top of him, and even kind of horny, she conceded. she probably thought that since she already made the mistake of sleeping with him, she might as well do it this time to see what sex with Steve actually felt like and, god forbid, even enjoy it.

Besides, it had been a long, long time since she had sex. So now sh had an excuse.


Gerald eventually was able to look passed the fact that the most obnoxious man in the office had fucked the girl of his dreams and bragged about what it was like to everyone. He looked passed it at least enough to date your mom for a few months, propose to her, and marry her less than a year later.

Gerald was the absolute perfect fit for your mom. And you were happy that he was willing to take Steve’s sloppy seconds. You were happy to know that in their first two months of dating, Steve was able to call your mom over for a booty call on 3 separate occasions. You enjoyed the fact that Gerald got to have sex with your mom because he was second to do it after Steve.

the first person to fuck your mom was your dad . and you were glad he did. because of it, you were born. And because you were born, you were able to help Steve fuck your mom. and to you, that was everything.

Gerald, because he loved your mom so much, was able to tolerate the fact that he worked with somebody who had sex with his wife. He was even able to be nice to Steve even though Steve wasn’t always nice back.

Eventually, Steve was promoted to branch manager by virtue of nepotism. Your mom, in times of weakness, would give into Steve’s charms. If you never pushed them into the cab at that Christmas party, none of this would be happening. Either being fucked by Steve was much better sex than she expected, or she deep-down wanted to be fucked by him this whole time because she actually liked his cocky and arrogant attitude but was able to resist in the ways women tend to. In that case, waking up naked on top of him gave her her excuse. Or maybe it was just chemical, and waking up on top of his body, a nd smelling him and feeling him created a sense of sexual attraction to him in her mind.

Either way, you were overjoyed at your new stepdad and how much he cared for and all he did for your mom. He loved her with every ounce of strength he had, and she loved him just as much. They would blush and giggle like high school crushes well into their marriage. And you’d sometimes hear them making passionate and sweet love as you passed their room.

Steve on the other hand, was just wild sex and excitement for you mom. When your dad was on his deathbed years ago he told your mom to move on and find somebody, settle down, and be happy. Gerald was exactly the “somebody” he meant.

As you visited your dad’s grave you got teary eyed at the thought that he’d be glad that your mom had moved on and found her happiness. But what got to you even more was that Steve got to cut in on this.

Your dad would have hated that part. It was just like Steve to shock and offend and not hold anything sacred. That’s why you were proud he could grope, and and kiss, and molest, and fuck your mom. And you were glad your mom and dad created you so you could know that it was happening.

When your mom’s episode of psychosis came on, it came without warning. No history of mental illness, no drugs or medication, and no recent tragedies. You remember your grandpa calling you up on the phone, frantically, saying that your mom had began...
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When your mom’s episode of psychosis came on, it came without warning. No history of mental illness, no drugs or medication, and no recent tragedies. You remember your grandpa calling you up on the phone, frantically, saying that your mom had began speaking gibberish and walking in circles when she came to his place to visit him.

When you brought her to your psych ward, your grandpa pleaded to you, “Please! Please save my baby! save your mom. Please!”

Your brother, your grandpa, your grandparents on your dad’s side, and your cousins, aunts, and uncles were all relying on you. Your dad had died years ago, but you felt the pressure to save her for him too.

The stress was almost too much to take. You had your mom in your ward for a week and still no progress. Interviewing her was emotional torture. She was there psychically, and her mannerisms, facial expression and way of speaking were all intact. But her mind wasn’t.

And nothing you did seemed to help. so the only thing left for you to do was something to keep yourself sane. Because, you would be useless at getting your mom sound and sane again if you didn’t have your sanity yourself.

So one day, you approached one of the visitors who was there visiting his schizophrenic son just before the ward closed. He was a man who knew your family. Your grandpa considered him to be a grave enemy. You remember him from when you were younger and your dad was still alive. He used to look at your mom in a weird way. As you got older, long after you had last seen him, you knew that strange way of looking at her was called lust.

You grandpa later called your dad and angrily informed him that that guy was saying disrespectful sexual things about your mom to his friends. So your dad beat the living shit out of him and that was the last time you ever saw him.

….until his son was tran sferred to your ward almost 20 years later. You told him about your mom’s sorry predicament, and you asked him if he’d come see her to see if she recognizes him. He agrees. It was already midnight, and the day staff had gone home. You told the night staff to not come to your mom’s room because you needed privacy with her.

When he gets there, your mom doesn’t recognize him, something that you knew would happen. She didn’t even recognize you.

so you take a big gulp, clear you throat, and say what you’ve been practicing saying to him all day. “okay. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I-i’m gonna need you to h-h-h-ave s-s-sex with my m-mom.”

A smile appeared on his face from ear to ear as he blushed. “….really? Fuck your mom?”

“Yeah. But you can’t wear a condom and it needs to be g-genuine. You need to enj-j-joy my m-m-m-mo- her. Remember, nobody in my family kno ws about this. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that this might be the only thing that could cure her.”

“So i just start right here?” He looked eager.

“yeah. I’ll s-stand a aside and watch. Don’t be afraid to do what feels natural because i’m here. You need to do what makes you feel good and enjoy her the way you want to. So if you want to c-c-um on her f-f-face or anything else, f-feel free.” You were shaking more with anticipation and excitement than with nervousness now.

You watched all night as this man “cured” your mom. Obviously, there was no medical journal outside of hell that recommended getting somebody to fuck a psychosis victim in order to cure her.

That wasn’t the point. The point was, whatever it would take to cure her could only be done, and be done best, if you were of sound mind and at peace, even if it meant bringing out the big guns. And the only thing that would do that for you to this degree was to finally see an asshole fuck your mom like you had dreamed of seeing since hitting puberty. And Lady Luck had given you the biggest asshole when she shipped his schizophrenic son to your ward. Not just somebody you didn’t like. But somebody that was hated by every member of your family.

As you enjoyed the euphoria of seeing this man fuck your mom, you felt yourself becoming more centered. This was the only person other than your dad to fuck your mom. And she was so out of it she was letting it happen. It was really getting you going. You actually kind of respected this guy more than your father to a degree.

Remembering what it was like back then always put you in a bitter mood. You hated the fact that your dad had chased this guy off and out of  your mom’s life. You hated the fact that you grandpa wanted him to and the rest of your family was glad he was gone. So what he said lewd things about your mom. He wanted to fuck her. Of course he’d say those things.

And why was it a problem that he wanted to fuck her? sure, she had a husband and kids. But you didn’t understand why this guy didn’t deserve a chance. You always though that the course of action that should have taken place was that they ignore what he was saying to his friends about your mom, and even decide to not tell her about those things. Keep the ball in his court.

One of the reasons you got into psychology was to try to understand things like that though. And you were still at a loss. but luckily, you were now getting back at your grandpa and dad with a vengeance.


< br>

You watched his dirty dick go in and out of the hole you and your brother came out of. And he wasn’t even wearing a condom, as per your prescription. This was a fuckfest 17 years in the making. and no hole of hers was safe.

You wondered how your grandpa would react to seeing his daughter used like this by somebody he hated so much. You wondered how your brother would react to seeing his mom’s face in the ass of a dirty bearded man. They could never accept the fact that ultimately you were doing this for her.

This continued all night until the morning, when you snuck him out of the ward before the day staff got there. You dressed your mom back up, and cleaned the cum off her face and body.

A month and a half later a miracle happened. Your mom was not just better. But perfectly fine. It happened all of the sudden one day. Just having her recognize you meant the world. And your whole family thanked you for saving their daughter/mom/sister/auntie/niece.

Your grandpa grabbed you firmly by the hand and said “you did it, my boy. Thank you so much. You did it.”

you nodded, even knowing what had to be done to make it happen. But at the same time, you were happy your mom needed to be violated to rejuvenate your mind so you could save her. The fact that you had to disgrace your family like this was a point of private pride for you.

because not only did you save her from a life of insanity, you also saved her from an existence where your dad had successfully stopped that man from fucking her. It was like she was upgraded. you thought you couldn’t love your family more than you already did, but now that there was a man out there, with a grin on his face, knowing that he beat all of them, including your late father, you could now love them fully.

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It’s valentines day.Your brother is out at the lake with his girlfriend.You are home alone with your mom as your only date and you were both drinking wine. It was pretty pathetic. Although your mom tried to pump fun into the situation, it was mostly a futile effort. Man, you were in your early 20′s but you still had yet to have a date for this valentines day or any other. You’ve still never had date, period. You’ve never had sex. And you’ve never even kissed a girl, or seen a naked body, male or female, in person.

Your mom had suggested the two of you go to a bar where you could meet some girls. You kindly declined and said you were too tired. In actuality, you were too terrified to go a bar and try to socialize with normal people. And you dreaded the thought of being picked on by a drunk jock type like you used to in high school.

So instead, the two of you just listened to ABBA’s Gr eatest Hits in your living room and had some wine. As the night went on, you became drunker and drunker, as did your mom. She was so wasted she began dancing. As she flailed her limbs around, you thought about all the guys that would have been hitting on her right now if the two of you had gone to the bar. They’d all be eager to take her home, undress her, and do to her what all types of couples all over the world did on this day every year. They’d do to her what you’ve never done to any woman, and never even imagined being able to ever do to a woman.

Your mom, in contrast, has done that. In fact, that’s the reason you and your brother were born. And she and your dad continued to have sex, conceivably, until the day he died a few years back. Unlike you, some people were just built to attract a valentine. Your brother was, with his confidence, personality, ambition, and humor. Your mom definitely was, with her smile, her fun personality, her sweet n ature, and her big, soft butt. And of course, her dance moves. Her dance moves were something else.

As you thought about how your shyness, apprehension, awkwardness, weakness, and indecisiveness made having a valentines this year, or any other year, seem like a far off remote fairy tale, you watched your drunken mom dance in your living room and imagined how excited so many men would be to be able to see her in this condition.

Speak of the devil! one of those men was just outside now. You could hear his car pull up in his driveway. He was your next door neighbor. Though, he didn’t really fit the stereotype of the friendly neighbor you said hi to when you went out in the morning to grab the paper from your stoop. He started off that way, semi-initially. I mean, when you all went over to greet him on his first day in his new house, you and your brother got to his front steps first, as your mom was busy finishing the welcome pie she was baking for him.

You new neighbor opened his door, looked at the two of you with the most vulgar disdain and said “what do you want?” harshly. You had no idea what to say, which was usual for you, but because you were especially rattled after the tone he said that in, you didn’t think you’d be able to get your vocal chords to produce a sound. Luckily your brother was there

“……we’re just welcoming you to the neighborhood.”

“Well, thanks, i guess. But i’m busy. So… beat it.”

He was about to slam his door, when suddenly he looked over your shoulders and the look on his face turned on a dime, from disgust to joy as he said over your shoulders “Is that a pie you brought me? Man, you guys are nice.”

You and your brother turned around to see your mom walking up from behind. He welcomed you all into his house and had a discussion with you all at the dinner table. He was especially friend ly to your mom. Something you could tell your brother really didn’t like. You… you kind of felt ambivalent about it. On one hand, the seal was broken and you knew that this guy’s hospitality and warm character wasn’t genuine. But on the other, you were kind of flattered that he’d find your mom so attractive that he’d change who he is to impress her.

Overall, you enjoyed your time at your neighbors house. Even when he said goodbye to you three at the door and he kept eye contact with your mom a little longer than usual. It was kind of.. romantic. You were strangely kind of looking forward to where this would lead to.

Which is why when you, your brother, and your mom got back to your place, and you shut the door behind you, you were kind of disappointed and stunned to hear your brother begin badmouthing him immediately, and telling your mom that the guy who had been so nice to her for the past hour was really just trying to impre ss her. He was really just and asshole.

The genuinely shocked way your mom reacted showed that he had done a good job of fooling her. If you and your brother hadn’t showed up to his place early and without your mom first, he would have fooled the both of you too, and stayed fooling all three of you.

Later on, in the months to come, he was being friendly to you, your brother, and especially to your mom. She was returning the favor to a degree, but at an arm’s length. Eventually he got the message and he stopped flirting with her and being friendly to you and your brother. And ever since then he’s been a big asshole to all three of you. as well as to your other neighbors. as much as his scary douchebag behavior terrified you, you still felt somewhat sorry for him for being found out. And even more, you were upset at your brother for exposing him. 

On one hand, you knew it was natural for guys to want the best for their moms, and to be especially disturbed by the thought of other guys they don’t like having sex with them. but at the same time, you also knew cock blocking was a sin among men, especially when you had the inside track when it came to helping that man get laid.

But now that he was acting like an asshole out in the open, there was no way your mom would even give him the time of day. Especially after he demanded you chop down the tree in the yard because its trunk extended an inch into his yard.


But that was then, this is now. You heard his car pull up rapidly into his driveway even over “Dancing Queen” playing in your living room. Yo ur mom didn’t seem to hear this speed and suddenness in which he approached and braked over her drunken dancing trance. He must still be upset that his barely legal girlfriend from the high school broke up with him a week before valentines. he was alone this valentines. Damn, you knew what that felt like and you knew it didn’t feel good.

Your mom at this point had been getting more and more drunk. She was urging you to get up and dance with her, but you really didn’t want to. Although, you knew that if you were at the club right now, there would be plenty of guys willing to dance with her. “in more ways than one,” you thought and smiled to yourself.

She eventually fell down on the couch behind her and began speaking gibberish with her eyes half open. Man, how lucky would so many guys feel to be alone with her when she’s like this? How lucky they would be to even catch her in this state. She was almost never drunk, never mind this drunk. She didn’t even know where she was. She was a valentines treat just waiting to be unwrapped.

Man, she was so drunk, that even your neighbor could break a piece off of her. You remember overhearing him over the fence as as he talked to his friend in his backyard. He was talking about doing the “horny vulture.” According to him, that was when you showed up to a club or party late, when everyone, especially the girls, are drunk, and then you just slide right in and take advantage.

So you knew he was accustomed to things like this, and you knew that he’d just kill to have your mom drunk and alone with him so badly. But tear your brother to shreds.

…..but you brother wasn’t here.

He was with his girlfriend, probably having sex in a rustic cabin beside a fireplace. he was out getting laid, so he couldn’t be here to cock block anybody else fr om getting some ass.

You couldn’t believe you were considering this. But the more you thought about it, the more it made sense and the less it made sense not to. you began shaking and getting really excited and nervous. “I think i’m gonna do it. Should I?”

You looked down at your mom’s fat ass pressed against the couch cushion. It was one thin layer of material away from being out and exposed in the open. On top of that, it was two barriers of drywall and a fence in between where your mom was sitting, drunk, and where you neighbor was. So close, but so far away.


Fuck it! you grabbed your mom’s cell phone from the table as she laid on the couch, writhing about and saying non-sense. You entered her passcode, which you knew because it was the same as your mom and dad’s anniversary. You looked through her contacts until you found his name. You entered it in to your phone.

You then took a deep breath. You began texting

“Hey. It’s your next door neighbor. The one that doesn’t talk. I just wanted to tell you that my mom is drunk over here.” you looked down at your message for a solid minute before gathering the courage to hit send.


You did it! you started to panic. your heart felt like it was going to jump out and run away as you waited with bated breath for a response.

When he hit you back with a text message simply saying “ ? “, you began to worry that you had made a grave mistake.

You managed to calm yourself down a bit, even though your stomach had fell 31 floors inside itself, and you wrote “My brother is out with his gf all night. And my mom is really drunk here with just me. I thought cause your gf isn’t with you you could kind of come over and have valentine sex with my mom.” You trembled as you hit send. You too k a deep gulp waiting for his reply.


you started to lose your mind, and you began rat-ta-ta-ing on your cellphone with “just like a valentines thing. please answer. I’m sorry if this is weird. But just because all three of us don’t have valentines i thought it would be cool.”



you begin typing frantically “because my brother isn’t here. And he’s the one who ruined it for you last time. It’s not a weird thing. It’s just that he cock blocked you thats why my mom never liked you. and cause i heard you talk about that vulture thing.” and before you could hit send, there was frantic knocking on your front door.

You were so startled, you hit the send button by reflex, and heard a phone vibrating against the front door even while ABBA was still blaring. You cautiously open the door. It’s your neighbor, standing there looking eager and driven. “where is she!?”

You let him into your house, and present him your semi-conscious mom on the couch like ta da. The smirk on his face was gold. He looked please that you were telling the truth. He sat down next to her, and began kissing her face. She moaned a little when she kissed back somewhat. It was a kiss alright. But you’re 99% sure she had no idea who she was kissing. There lips looked good together.

“help me.”

you began helping him lift her heavy bottom and thighs over top of him. He then began pulling down her pants. And one inch-per-second, you were seeing more and more of your first human ass outside of porn videos you’ve ever seen. It felt great to see your mom’s ass fully exposed. It was a great ass. And you were glad your neighbor had finally got to see it. It actually meant a lot to you, especially considering all the obstacles put in the way of making that happen. He palmed each cheek and pulled them apart, exposing her asshole to the living room air and sound-waves carrying the sounds of ABBA.

You helped him pull her pants down her thighs, down her calves, passed her ankles and feet, then off completely, til she was naked from the waist down. then he eagerly took his jeans off. You were now in a room with a naked cock, vagina, and 2 asses. This is what so many other rooms looked like across the country right at this very second. It felt good being part of that for once. And then that’s when he shoved his cock inside her and you saw sex for the very first time, much to your excitement and joy.


It was beautiful.And it was happening with your mom of all people.

The look of pink on pink flesh and a cock disappearing deep inside your mom’s body, only for it to reappear a second later. the sour smell in the air made up of sweat, cock, pussy, cologne, perfume, and alcohol. The sounds of flesh smacking together, skin brushing passed furniture, and pussy queefs as “Dancing Queen” played in the background. The feelings they must feel. Her warm and tight pussy and asshole around his cock. Their thighs criss-crossing one another. the feeling of her heavy ass bouncing off of him, and his strong hands on her hips. You wondered how much your mom was feeling this. Did she even know she was having sex or was she just along for the ride?

if there was a candy that tasted like your mom getting fucked by your douchebag neighbor, you’d bet that it would be delicious. Just the look of her ass flesh flying around with that cock going inside her looked like a tasty treat or some kind of delicassy of an underrated foreign culture. You almost felt like you could drink that image, or inhale it and let it become part of your soul. You felt like you could see the real you in that image.

As you watched an jerked off, you wondered how your brother could have done anything to step in the way of this happening. If he were here, he wouldn’t have even let it happen, even though it’s valentines day. You were now convinced that valentines day was more than just a hallmark holiday. It was a genuine day to celebrate the power of love.

You loved your mom. And the guy on the couch fucking her loved her too. Sure, not in the way that your dad did. He wouldn’t die for her, or marry her, have kids with her, or hope to grow old with her. And he definitely didn’t love her the way you and your brother loved her. She was your mommy, she gave you everything. But at the same time, you recognized that this kind of love you were seeing being played out on your living room couch, was equally as genuine and important as the love you, your dad, or brother felt for your mom.

He truly did love your mom. He loved her body, her face, the fact that she was drunk and he could do whatever he wanted to her in this state, and the fact that he was making up for blowing his opportunity by being he’s real douchebag self. He loved the fact that he had just gotten home 15 minutes ago and had received a text that put pussy into his lap and scored it with pop hits from the 70′s. 

He didn’t want to marry your mom, and live with her, and know her, and grow with her like your dad did. He didn’t want to protect her, and only allow the best for her like your brother did. But what he wanted was to have her. To use her body to pleasure his cock. He loved her as a device to stroke his ego, and up his numbers.

You’ve never seen your parents have s ex at all, never mind on valentines, but you doubted it was as wild, raunchy, dirty and forbidden as this was. For instance, your dad never fucked your mom with you watching and furiously masturbating. Your brother didn’t have to be removed from the situation for your dad to get to have sex with your mom. You’re mom didn’t have to be so drunk she didn’t even know her name for your dad to get to fuck her. your dad never felt like he was pulling a fast one on your mom while fucking her. He didn’t forget her name in the middle of fucking her and just started calling her “whore” as a substitute.

This was a new kind of valentine day for you mom. The type they didn’t make cards about. It was too genuine for that. And to be honest, you didn’t really care what happened on every valentines date your mom had before this night. Your mom was HIS valentine. And he didn’t even have to buy her chocolate.

You sat and wat ched as your mom’s heart shaped ass was pulled apart nice and wide yet again by his eager palms. Up in that asshole was an arrow shot from cupid’s bow. And you were cupid.

your brother had moved away to go to college and left you and your mom all alone. You missed him quite a bit. He was your big brother after all.
but one of the good things to come of it was that you had the house all to yourself. So when your mom got...

your brother had moved away to go to college and left you and your mom all alone. You missed him quite a bit. He was your big brother after all.

but one of the good things to come of it was that you had the house all to yourself. So when your mom got so drunk at a party she couldn’t even speak English, you made sure to find and invite the guy your brother hated from high school to come back to your place.


As much as you missed your brother, you were glad he wasn’t here so you could watch your mom get fucked in the face by this guy’s cock. This was the last thing your brother worried would happen to his mom in his absence.

In fact, the man enjoying your mom’s drunk face right in front of you was shocked that you invited him. But you could tell by his hard cock and his groaning as his balls slapped against your mom’s chin that he was happy that you did.

well, that made the two of you!

If your brother was here, his ego wouldn’t have let him let this happen to his mom. It was really childish when you thought about it. You were glad he was gone so you could do the right thing.